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Alliance Capital Summit cum Dinner, 18th September 2018

Alliance Capital is a fintech company that mainly provides global users with encrypted digital currency asset services. The nucleus of the team hails from the world’s leading companies with the main focus on developments in the cryptocurrency market. The company is committed to providing consulting and service platforms for the cryptocurrency market. With the continuous development of the business, Alliance Capital has grown from strength to strength, boasting advanced technology which has stood the test of the business industry.  We have become an exemplary benchmark in blockchain innovation and entrepreneurship which has gained the profound trust of our users.

In the first half of 2018, Alliance Capital has achieved encouraging results as we are rapidly growing into a fintech powerhouse. To celebrate the results, Alliance Capital held a summit cum dinner in Dubai on September 18 this year. Dubai is the most populous city in the UAE and it is the financial heart of the Middle East. It is in the forefront of the world’s richest cities and the local government is looking to introduce blockchain technology into the its’ financial system. The cryptocurrency digital payment market has massive potential and Alliance Capital has been planning to enter the market for quite some time.

On the afternoon of the summit, the president of Alliance Capital hosted the attendees of the event. He extended his warm welcome to our affluent customers, business elites, financial and entrepreneurial professionals, fans of cryptocurrencies, partners, blockchain experts, news media representatives as well as industry elites. Everyone gathered for a toast to mark the occasion. The president specifically commended the outstanding performance of the team leaders and marketing team. He subsequently addressed the potential operational issues that the company may encounter as well as some controversies and difficulties. The financial experts that were present proceeded to give an insightful and informative talk which discussed the impact of blockchain technology on the current financial landscape.

The Alliance Capital summit cum dinner was held successfully as the guests were invited to participate in the grand lucky draw. The prizes up for grabs were luxurious, which included a Bentley Continental GT as the grand prize. The other prizes included a Porsche Cayenne, a Maserati, five Mercedes Benz Class Es, five Mercedes Benz Class Cs, ten Toyota Camrys, ten Rolex Watches, ten Omega Watches and fifty 500 USD Cash Prizes.

Due to the value of the prizes on offer, the atmosphere was filled with anticipation and excitement as all the attendees wanted to walk away with the grand prize. As round after round of prize winners were revealed, the atmosphere of the summit cum dinner culminated in the announcement of the grand prize winner.

RapidzPay as a leading pioneer in blockchain innovation and entrepreneurship was honoured to be invited to this prestigious summit cum dinner as RapidzPay gained more awareness and popularity following the close of this event. This marks the start of a new chapter for the company as RapidzPay gained recognition from industry experts.

Rapidz, the cryptocurrency issued by RapidzPay, is experiencing a burgeoning global reputation as the company has been exploring the overseas digital payment market. RapidzPay has followed in the footsteps of Alliance Capital as the former has expressed the desire to penetrate the UAE digital payment market, one with great growth potential which would be a milestone for RapidzPay.