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Argyll Technologies is proud to announce an official cooperation with renowned payment platforms

Argyll Technologies is specialised in high-performance sports data analysis and provides sports financial hedging trading services. It has become the most dazzling brand in the sports financial hedging industry. Focusing on software and system development, Argyll Technologies has developed the ADASA system which is based on in-depth research into sports science and finance. ADASA is a powerful system which can seek differences in odds across all online betting websites which help players profit by carrying out arbitrage bets. These bets are placed at optimum times when profits are largest, gaining a large following.

In recent years, blockchain technology has increased in popularity and the number of cryptocurrencies available in the market are rising as the prospects for cryptocurrency payments and transactions are vast. Taking advantage of the increased popularity of cryptocurrencies, Argyll Technologies is the first to introduce Vital Coins, a cryptocurrency with immense potential. Vital Coin features global circulation, financial security, reduced exchange rate loss, increased arbitrage, inflation protection, and growth in value. This enables users to carry out fuss-free trades and reap considerable profits

After a series of promotional campaigns, Vital Coin has caused a stir in the industry. Many well-known online sports finance companies have realised the potential and sophistication of Vital Coin. This has led has culminated in a partnership as these online sports finance companies actively sought cooperation with us. For example, gamesciti, king-pokers, and pictureaces have all signed contracts with Argyll Technologies Group to use Vital Coin as a recognised online currency.

Additionally, Argyll Technologies and Genting World Philippines reached an official agreement in August 2018. Genting World Philippines introduced Vital Coin onto their online sports platform and is set to use Vital Coin in various consumer transactions which has greatly improved the efficiency of betting. Additionally, an online gaming company from Goa, India, has reached an agreement with Argyll Technologies to use Vital Coin.

Due to the rapid development of Argyll Technologies, the company’s market share continues to increase as the number of members increase. The company is currently looking to finalise cooperation with major gaming and entertainment groups in countries such as the United States, Macau, Australia, India, Russia and Cambodia. The company’s development has caught the eye of leading international payment platform companies and they have expressed their willingness to assist Argyll Technologies to improve and develop our funds transfer service, making this a win-win cooperation for both companies! This partnership will help the two partners to expand their business to Sino-European markets while expanding their market share at the same time.

According to reports, our partner company is an economic powerhouse and the world’s leading payment company. Assisting Argyll Technologies to develop our funds transfer service is a rare business opportunity for both entities and a positive development for us, due to the potential to generate huge profits.

The road ahead is full of opportunities but also one that is treacherous. Argyll Technologies will continue to work hard as we strive for a better tomorrow!